Stickman World War

Stickman World War

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Get ready for Stickman World War, a super cool 2D strategy game that’s jam-packed with action! The adventure takes you through different themes like apocalypse, cyberpunk, and even Star Wars. Defend your base from enemy stickmen using all kinds of awesome weapons and military vehicles. And when the time is just right, sneak into enemy territory to bring their base down. There are more than 50 exciting tasks for you to conquer!

But that’s not all – you can make your army and oil workers even stronger in the armory. Buff up their stats to make them tougher, safer, and better at collecting oil money. The shop has some awesome temporary buffs too, like making your workers generate more cash or sending in carpet bombs on the enemy’s turf.

Survival mode is a real challenge where your strategic skills and the strength of your army are put to the test. The longer you can hold off the waves of enemy stickmen, the more cash you earn to upgrade your units and base.

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